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San Rocco

A legacy of six generations.
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In the world there are so many beautiful places to visit, captivating postcards packed to perfection but which often have little to tell us when we find ourselves inside them, leaving us the only impression of having been the impromptu visitors of a reality that does not belong to us.
Sometimes, however, it can happen that, being in search of a more authentic route, you come across a small magnetic detour, a click on the page at the bottom of the others, a secondary lane that leads to the top of a sweet hill poorly marked, dispersed, almost impossible to find if not by pure chance: and here, as if by magic, moving away from the main road, we discover those places that leave a mark inside us forever.
Tenuta San Rocco, for almost 300 years, has sunk up there waiting for Time, embraced in a circle of hills and mountains on the horizon. Waiting for the time of those who, encountering it, decide to live in its rooms with thick walls, hearing tales of other eras coming from ancient paintings and thin cracks.
The time of those who, walking through the fields, still know how to notice the exact moment in which a season changes, that moment in which the scent of the air changes and nothing around them is more the same as before; the time of those who want to share the fruits of their land, reaching out on tiptoe to pick a ripe fig from a branch or kneeling in the damp of a cellar to bring the glass to the wood and drink a sip of grape must from the still barrel in turmoil.
We of the Cappa family, "custodians" even before being owners of the estate for the past six generations, still spend a good part of our time enjoying these simple things, almost by tradition, without ever getting tired of them. We still discover the taste of every moment that belongs to us, and we propose to those who come to visit us to live the same experiences that we would like to be offered to ourselves. In doing so, working becomes a pleasure we cannot give up, and re-knowing our territory through the eyes and emotions of our guests is a bit like waking up on the slide of a past that we would never want to forget.


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